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Respect. Responsibility. Equality.

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The Galaxy Trust

Respect. Responsibility. Equality.

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Our Vision and Values

Our Values


The values that we promote in The Galaxy Trust define who we are.


It is vital that as well as teaching the core skills of reading, writing and maths to a high academic standard, we also prepare our children to be good citizens in the world in which they currently live, and the wider world that is awaiting them as they approach adulthood.


Having RESPECT for themselves, their friends and families and their community is a fundamental duty.  Taking RESPONSIBILITY for their own actions, as well as accepting responsibility when things go wrong is a tough value to live by, but we continue to try.  The value of EQUALITY recognises that in order for us all to have the chance to achieve the best, sometimes we all need to approach things differently, with varying levels of support and intervention.  Just because we are treated the same, doesn’t make our approach equal.


Our Galaxy Trust values of Respect, Responsibility and Equality are non-negotiable and run like blood through the veins of each school.  Whilst it is, of course, important for each school to be defined using their own values and vision, it is also a pre-requisite for any school joining our Trust, that they will fully endorse and adopt these three key values.



  • We show respect for others’ opinions, beliefs and cultures.
  • We respect the ability to discuss, challenge and disagree with others.
  • We respect ourselves by behaving in the best way possible.
  • We respect our property and the property of the school and of our peers.
  • We respect the rules of our school, our family rules and the laws of our country.



  • We are responsible for our own actions and accept the consequences of our actions too.
  • We share responsibility for our class, our year group and our school.
  • We will take responsibility when things go wrong.
  • We will share responsibility when things go well.
  • We are responsible for our own learning, our own happiness and our own success.



  • We will treat everyone equally – but not necessarily the same.
  • We will see the person before we see the skin colour, religion, sexuality, gender or disability.
  • We will challenge when we witness inequality.
  • We will try and find the best in every situation, not the worst.
  • We will treat people as we would want to be treated.

Galaxy Trust Pledges

Our academies

  • Temple Hill Primary Academy, St Edmund's Road, Temple Hill, Dartford, DA1 5ND
  • 01322 224600
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