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Galaxy Trust Ed 2022

March 23rd 2022

A look at a range of manipulatives that can be used across the key stages and how a good understanding of how to use concrete materials can support children's reasoning.

Practical tips, ideas and games to improve your phonics teaching during daily sessions, interventions and outside of these times. 

Incorporating the teaching of KS2 grammar within a sequence of English lessons. 

Ideas to engage children in spelling activities to move beyond weekly spelling tests.

How and when to use a range of visual aids such as task management boards, visual timetables and now and then boards to support children with SEN and Speech and Language needs within the classroom. 

How to use filters to easily identify the vulnerable pupils within your class

A collection of support tools and techniques on supporting staff well being in a rapid-paced culture.

Discussing strategies with staff on how to create a safe space around online safety in the classroom and creating open conversations.

How to use the Kapow website and resources effectively and teach engaging music lessons.

How to ensure the curriculum represents a diverse cohort and planning and differentiating to include all

How to engage pupils using active science and allowing them to take the lead on experiments

How to incorporate physical activity into your daily teaching routines to improve engagement, retention of information and encourage children to lead a healthy active lifestyle. 

Strategies and ideas to help children with dyslexia to access the curriculum and demonstrate their skills and understanding.

Supporting practitioners to enable children to become storytellers and support writing development

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